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Arriving in Bermuda

A Bermuda entry visa is only required for Nationals of Visa Controlled countries.  The full list of Visa Controlled Nationals is here

Depending on where you live, when it's time to fly home from Bermuda, you may be fortunate enough  to clear the Customs service of your arrival country at L.F. Wade International Airport.

Departing Bermuda

Flying to the U.S.

On check-in, you're given the U.S. Immigration form by your airline. Fill it out immediately since all passengers travelling to the US will clear U.S. customs in Bermuda.
More information 

Flying to Canada

Canadian passengers are given the Canada Immigration form when they check in and must complete both sides prior to clearing Immigration in Canada. More information

Flying to Europe

All Non-European Union passport holders departing are given the British Immigration form by airlines and are required to complete both sides prior to clearing British Immigration.  More information   

Checking In

Everyone is advised is check-in 2 hours before departure but U.S. citizens should heed this time frame since they need enough time to clear security screening and U.S. Customs.

The peak departure hours are from 11am to 2pm daily. In summer, passenger volume increases significantly during the summer season and the lines can grow long.  

Passports are required for all passengers

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