Cruise Clothing Mistakes to Avoid

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You don't want to make
these blunders

One of the sorriest sights on a cruise is a couple or family that insists on dressing as they wish without regard for anyone else.

For the wife that may mean short shorts with her gut hanging over, for the husband an emerging new beard that makes him look like a bum on a binge and for the kids it's tennis shoes and jeans at every meal.

A family like this makes everyone uncomfortable , even the ship's personnel who are trained to be tolerant and polite. But they're not deaf, dumb and blind, either.

Families who demand to dress this way don't belong on a cruise. Yet you'll see them, primarily on ships that businesses like to use as incentive prizes for their workers.

And it turns out to be an embarrassment for the business concern when their best producing workers turn up at dinner or for the evening shows in a t-shirt bearing the company name and logo.

The business may have motivated its employees but never thought of teaching them how to dress in new situations. It can be a public relations black eye for the business.

But so easy to avoid.

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