Mojito Drink Recipes
Both Cuba and Puerto Rico claim they invented the recipe decades ago. Who cares? Drink up!

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The Mojito
Who Invented the Recipe?

The rum-based mojito has been described as the Caribbean version of a mint julep, why it has become such a popular warm weather drink.

Bacardi of Puerto Rico claims it created the first mojito but the claim seems doubtful based on where the drink first became popular in the U.S.

After all, Puerto Ricans have been a strong presence in New York and Florida for decades but the mojito has never really been associated with them.

Cuba says the drink originated on there. Based on where the mojito's current U.S. popularity originated, the mojito probably belongs to Cuba.

The mojito first became popular in Miami, thanks to its sizable Cuban population.

Our vote: Cuba invented the mojito. And here's the Cuban mojito recipe to prove it.

Mojito Recipes

Except for the Cuban mojito recipe above, the easiest way to list so many varied recipes is by rum brand. The recipes are surprisingly varied.

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