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Princess Cruises Tip and Gratuity Guide

The approach to tipping on Princess Cruises is easy, clear and concise:

Princess Cruises charge of $10 per person per day for Dining and Stateroom Personnel will be automatically added to the passenger's shipboard account.

We are confident that passengers will find the services onboard exemplary and should a passenger wish to reward a staff member for service "above and beyond", they may do so by adding to the automatic gratuity.

Similarly, if a passenger feels that the service levels fall short of his/her expectation, then they may subtract from the automatic gratuity amount simply by visiting the Purser's Desk onboard and requesting the change.

It is important to remember that passengers will be able to increase, decrease or remove the automatic gratuities at their discretion.

Gratuities for other shipboard staff such as Casino dealers and Spa Personnel is at the passenger's discretion.

Please note that a 15% gratuity is automatically added to all bar tabs.

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