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Dominica whale watching is possible year-round

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After about 20 minutes the dolphin tire of us and, to be honest, I’m a little tired of them. Whales, not dolphin, are the real reason we’re out here.

Dominica Tourists Whale Watching
Dominica whale watchers ready to shoot

Dominica is rapidly becoming known as the whale and dolphin watching capital of the Caribbean. Twenty-two different cetaceans have been counted here, including pilot, pygmy sperm, false killer, dwarf sperm, melon-headed whales, even giant humpback whales during winter. Spinner and spotted dolphin are plentiful throughout the year.  

it is the year-round resident population of about 30 sperm whales that allows Dominica’s whale and dolphin watching operators to brag a 90 percent success rate for their trips. Although sperm whales, the largest of all toothed whales, also swim off the west coasts of islands from Dominica to St. Vincent, they seem to favor Dominica as a calving and breeding ground because of deep water just offshore.

Male sperm whales also show up during the winter but they number only about three or four. But their 70-foot presence is quite notable compared to the females, only about 38 feet in length.

After more than 30 minutes of seeing the spinner dolphin we're anxious and excited to see the first sign of a sperm whale. Finally they appear in the distance.

Sperm whales, Dominica
Thar they blow!

The spray the whales blow on surfacing is the perfect way to mark their presence. Our cameras have been readied since leaving shore. Now we start to use them.

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