Tobago Muhtadi International Drumming Festival

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Tobago Sponors Annual
Drumming Festival in Toronto

The Tobago Muhtadi International Drumming Festival (MIDF) is the only annual festival in North America celebrating the drum.

The not-for-profit organization hosts the 3-day annual event in Toronto, Canadca, on the first weekend of June. For this year’s schedule of events, check here.

Beginning with a gala opening on the first day of the celebration, the MIDF outdoor festival takes a journey around the world, typically featuring more than 30 drumming groups displaying the diverse cultural traditions and drumming styles from many  countries.

MIDF also hosts a wide variety of vendors with an array of cultural garbs, jewelry, and ethnic foods.

This celebration of multiculturalism culminates on the two large stages, where all cultures come together, drumming and dancing to one beat! In some years, the drumming festival has attracted over 20,000 attendees.

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