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Caribbean Blue Flag Beaches

The number of Blue Flag Caribbean beaches is quite small considering the large number of them.

The European Blue Flag organization, notorious for its stringent environmental and water-quality standards, designates the world's best beaches. Many Europeans look for those flags when they choose where to stay.

The Blue Flag is a trademark owned by FEE. a not-for-profit, non-governmental association made up of 65 organizations in 60 countries.

These Caribbean beaches carry the Blue Flag designation based on their water quality, safety and services. The beaches are reviewed on a regular basis to make requirement standards still exist. 

Blue Flag also rates marinas according to their cleanliness and environmental management, items to interest to anyone on a sailboat or fishing charter.

Beaches: 0
Marinas: 4    

Dominican Republic:
Beaches: 21    
Marinas: 0

Puerto Rico:
Beaches: 8 
Marinas:  2  

Mexican Caribbean:
Beaches: 1 
Marinas: 0

Sint Maarten:
Beaches:  2  
Marinas: 1 

Beaches: 1  
Marinas: 0

U.S. Virgin Islands:
Beaches: 5   
Marinas: 2 

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