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These Caribbean travel tips provide answers to most Caribbean FAQ, with additional planning information to help you enjoy your Caribbean vacation, whether on land or at sea:

U.S. Passport Applications: How to get your first passport or renew one.

U.S. Passport Requirements for Caribbean Closed Loop Cruise: You don't need one if your luck holds.

U.S. Customs Requirements: What U.S. residents are required to declare, entry requirements and more.

Staying Healthy: What shots, if any, do you need? Coping with heat, sea sickness and more.

Caribbean Weather . . .
It can make or break your vacation.

Caribbean Map . . . See all the possibilities, know where you want to go.

The Caribbean is a Bargain!. . . Caribbean currencies are pegged to the U.S. dollar, which is weak.

Caribbean Vacation Sampler . . . Different ways to enjoy and save on your Caribbean holiday.

Travel Insurance . . . For just in case, because too many things can go wrong

Plan a Caribbean Fishing Vacation: Use the resources of the Caribbean Fish Finder about what to take, where to go.

How Do You Pronounce "Caribbean"? . . . Most visitors don't say it properly. A bad reflection.

About "Caribbean Time" . . . It's a little like Mexico, though it varies from island to island.

How Friendly are the People? . . . Much depends on your own approach. Remember, this is their home. You're a visitor.

The Secret To Getting Along . . . The polite thing is to always speak first

About Photographing People . . . Being smart and being polite will usually get you your photograph, but not always,

About Those Caribbean Proverbs . . . There's an encyclopedia of wisdom in these short sayings.

Animal Watching . . . Places where you virtually are guaranteed to see animals, unless there's a hurricane.

Carnival Schedules . . . When each island holds its biggest party.

Caribbean Religious Festivals . . . Experience some of that old time religion.

Airport Flight Delays: Will your flight leave on time? Covers U.S. airports only.

Currency Converter: Just how much is your money worth?

Calling Codes for Different Countries Find the different calling codes

Internet Access Find out who has wireless or dial-up

Why You Should Consider a Rental Car. . . These are the islands, not a big city where bus rides make sense. Get out and do your thing---on the proper side of the road.

Caribbean timeshares For those who really love the islands, this is one way to have a home away from home

Just for Fun: Test Your Caribbean IQ . . . Done in the spirit of the islands, with help from islanders. The answers are scattered throughout the web site.

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