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Why Consider a Caribbean Timeshare?

If you plan to make the Caribbean your second home with frequent island visits, investing in a Caribbean timeshare may be a much better option than the recurring costs of a typical resort vacation.

With a Caribbean timeshare, you have all the advantages of a vacation home without any of the maintenance work, the hassle of closing up when you leave and then worrying about how your vacation home is faring while you are away.

Do Your Homework First

Despite the advantages of a Caribbean timeshare vacation, go into this purchase with your eyes wide open. Since you will be investing a sizable sum, realize what you're getting involved in.

First, do some research about timeshares, the same thing you probably do when buying a new car. Start by looking at the numerous independent online forums such as TUG (Timeshares Users Group) and Or type “timeshare forums” into your search engine to view the thousands of other forums out there.

Next, check out exchange programs such as RCI (the world's largest timeshare vacation exchange network). This will help you become familiar with their rating systems for resorts. Reviews by seasoned timeshare owners posted in the forums should also help guide you..

This is the best way to learn the pros and cons of timeshare ownership.

Surviving the Sales Pitch

When you’re ready to attend a sales presentation at a Caribbean timeshare resort you should expect strong and aggressive sales pitches. There’s no rush here so don’t be afraid to insist on thinking about the proposal for two or three days before deciding.

If you’re offered a rum punch or any kind of alcoholic drink, don’t take it.  It’s silly— and it could prove costly--to make such a large investment when drinking. You wouldn't buy a car when under the influence, would you?

How to Pay Less

To save some money and also avoid high-pressure sales tactics, investigate the timeshare resale market. Start by looking at time share resales companies such as Owners who stop using their units will often sell them at much lower prices than you would pay a salesman offering a direct buy. This is because timeshares, unlike other real estate, depreciate.

That’s right—a timeshare is a poor real estate investment since it’s worth less over time.  The main reason for buying a timeshare is to control your vacation costs, which are only going one way: Up.

So if it makes sense for you, go ahead and purchase that timeshare in the Caribbean. You won’t be obligated to return to the same island every year but will have the ability to island-hop and realize the region's variety of beaches, cultures, cuisine and scenery.

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