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Choosing A Cabin

Select a convenient location

As with your home or apartment, what matters most on a cruise is location, location, location. And at this point we don't mean whether it's an inside our outside cabin or what level it's on.

What's really important: is it close to the stairs or the elevators? These are your thoroughfares for moving around the ship for your entire cruise.

If you're room isn't close to stairs or an elevator, you're going to have to cover a lot of the same hallway over and over to reach the swimming pool, the casino or any other part of the ship.

Secondly, how convenient is your stateroom to the dining areas? You'll probably spend more time in the restaurants than any other public part of the ship.

On most vessels, dining areas are located at the rear of the ship, where there's less motion from the ocean.

The aft part of the ship is where you'll probably want your room to be, too.

Remember, too, the higher a room is on a ship, the more likely it is to rock and roll in high seas.

Ironically, rooms on the top decks near the bow are often some of the most expensive. They do have great views but aren't always the most comfortable in rough conditions.

Know your room before final booking

Most cruise line brochures and websites contain diagrams of the ships. Search out cabins that are most conveniently located in your price range. Then try to reserve one from this group.

Knowing specifically what you want can be a good bargaining tool, perhaps even get you an upgrade.

When you make a cruise reservation, you're normally given a specific cabin number and 24 hours (sometimes more) to make a final decision.

Once you have the cabin number, use the ship diagram to verify that it's exactly where you expect it to be. Mistakes happen. Don't wait to discover it until you board and the steward leads you to your cabin, at the wrong end of the ship!

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