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No matter where in the world you're leaving from or what island you want to visit, this page should make finding a flight (and the price!) to the Caribbean as easy as a balmy evening breeze.

To use any of the search engines efficiently, you need to know the 3 letter airport code not only for your Caribbean island destination but for its different airports.

Here's the complete list of Caribbean airport codes. With these, you can instantly find flight availability and prices in the major search engines.

In the U.S., midweek is usually the best ctime to find new low-cost domestic airfares.  It may work for the Caribbean, too.

Cheap Airfare Search Sites

Kayak: Checks numerous sites and provides
a choice of best fares.

Priceline is famous for its low fares as long as you're flexible.

Hotwire: Specializes in deep discounts on major airlines, including last-minute travel.

Orbitz: Features a special Caribbean section with air and hotels.

Expedia: Another long-established search engine that allows you to compare fares easily.

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