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Annandale Falls,

Close to St. George's
and easy to reach.

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Time: 30 minutes, round trip unless you picnic, swim, whatever. Difficulty Level: 1. Trailhead: Within the Beausejour River Valley, 15 minutes from St. George's on the outskirts of Willis.

At the other extreme of the marathon mountain hikes is this easy--though hilly--walk, to a mountain stream just a 15-minute drive from St. George's .

Tourists and Grenadians alike regularly visit this popular spot where 2 different falls drop about 30 feet into a beautiful tropical pool surrounded by elephant ears and lianas.

You're allowed to swim and picnic. Different plants are marked with their names, but you need a guide to appreciate that the foliage is more than just ornamental.

For instance, the leaves of the huge bocano tree near the parking lot are used to make a tea for treating blood pressure and "for cleaning the blood." This was bush medicine I'd never have known without guide Denis Henry.

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