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Mt. Rich Amerindian Remains, Grenada

You'll probably need a guide to find this out of the way place.

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Time: 1-hour round trip. Difficulty: 2-3. Trailhead: Located   

in the St. Patrick's river valley near the village of Mt. Rich in the parish of St. Patrick. Take the main road from Sateurs to Mount Rich village. The access path is on the left. It may or not be marked. If not, you'll need a guide.

You'll scramble over some rocks in the riverbed to reach a large stone. Look at the top and sides for six carvings displaying pottery, tools, spears and headpieces, all representations of the daily lifestyle. It's been established these petroglyphs were left by the Caribs and may be over 300 years old.

This area has the most extensive petroglyphs on the island. Other smaller rocks also bear carvings but many are faded and others are indistinct due to the algae growing on the stones.

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