Rainy Season in the Caribbean

Brief showers are often

the norm even then.

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Caribbean Rainy Season

The so-called rainy season varies from island to island, but generally it begins in May and lasts until December.

Check the Arrival Briefing given for each island to learn its specific weather pattern

Check out current temperatures.

Don't avoid the Caribbean just because it's the rainy season.

Rains tend to be brief unless a tropical depression is moving through.

Elderly islanders have stopped trying to predict accurately what the weather will be at a particular time of year. They say the patterns are changing too much. So it may rain during the sunny season, and vice-versa.

You have no guarantees. That's the way of the weather.

To find the rainy season for a specific island, choose from the listing on the left, then check out the Arrival Briefing on that particular island's homepage.

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