Tiny Anguilla enjoys some of the Caribbean's best beaches and classiest resorts.

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Just 17 miles long and 3 miles across at its widest, Anguilla remains largely undeveloped even along most of its coastline.  A laid back outpost of quiet sophistication, Anguilla is a different world from its bustling neighbors, St. Maarten/St. Martin.

The Valley, Anguilla’s capital, is the only major city. The island has many interesting, small attractions. The Heritage Collection is a small private museum noted for its local history. Here you'll learn how British troops stormed the island in the 1960s after Anguilla staged a rebellion. It became known as "the eel that squealed."

Cheddie's Carving Studio highlights the creative works of Cheddie Richardson, Anguilla's best local artist.

Spend a half day enjoying Anguilla's pleasant, easy and short walks, none more than 5 miles.

Explore the deserted eastern tip of Windward Point or the rocky coast from Savannah to Mimi Bays. Enjoy the high coastal vistas from Crocus Hill to Limestone Bay. See Anguilla’s version of a rain forest at Katouche Valley.

Walk the marl road from the picturesque fishing village of Island Harbour to The Valley, then figure out how you’re going to get back to your vehicle since this is a one-way walk!

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