Caribbean Food and Drink Recipes
Parts of the Caribbean are known as
the "spice islands" for good reason

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Caribbean Food and Drink Recipes

Caribbean foods are some of the world's most flavorful, usually built on a base of fresh island-grown vegetables seasoned with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon or something else equally tasty.

Rum, of course, was invented in the Caribbean and so it is rightfully the national drink of the region. Rum and Caribbean foods are an ideal combination since rum is made from the juice of sugar cane, the crop that was once the Caribbean's most important source of income.

The first known rum recipe, in fact, is not its use for making a drink but in cooking something called "calvesfoot pie,"apparently an early bovine version of pig's feet.

But this isn't a historical treatise.

First, let's enjoy the cocktail hour:
Caribbean Rums and Rum Recipes

Followed by the main courses:
Caribbean Recipes from All the Islands. Don't overlook these dynamite Atlantis Restaurant Recipes.

And of course desserts, which sometimes takes us back to more rum. Caribbean Dessert Recipes

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