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Guide To Caribbean Vacations

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Best Beaches
Some islands are much better for sun and sand than others.

Diving and Snorkeling Generally, the drier an island, the better the diving and snorkeling.

Hiking and Walking Far more than just beach walks.

Island Tours Let someone else do the driving

Shopping Where to find the best bargains on which items


Hotels, Resorts and Villas: Many, many options on almost all the islands and more all the time.

Luxury Hotels Find the top rated ones

Practical Information

How To Pronounce "Caribbean" Say it the way the locals do, not like the TV announcers back home.

Internet Access For both wireless and dialup.

Passports A new requirement for U.S. travelers

Personal Safety Common sense is needed regardless of where you go


Air Travel Finding the best bargains

Car Travel

Cruises and Cruising: A sizable fleet roams the Caribbean year-round.



See what's happening in the islands today.