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Caribbean Ports of Call
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We're starting with some essential information to consider when selecting your ship's cruise itinerary and the ports of call it will visit. (Click here to find Caribbean cruises sailing from U.S. cruise ports.)

Caribbean Ports of Call By Region--which ports are in the Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean?

Anchoring or Docking? Which Caribbean ports have docking facilities? Or make ship passengers use a cruise tender, which may have a rides of several miles (Belize)

Cruising with disabilities Another take on how important it is whether your ship anchors or docks at the ports you visit.

Shore Excursions Book a shore excursion from your ship or do it on your own?Both approaches have their benefits.

Port Facilities, Things To Do

These Caribbean port backgrounders include terminal and port facilities along with shore excursions.

Bermuda is off the coast of North Carolina, not in the Caribbean. Best time to visit is summer.

Why The Limited Cruise Season

Docking at King's Wharf at Royal Naval Dockyard

St. George's Cruise Dock

City of Hamilton Cru ise Dock



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