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Port of Samana
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Overview Map
Samana is one of the least visited areas on the Caribbean’s
most visited island. This port deserves a lot more traffic.

The Port of Samana (pronounced "sama-na") is the entryway to one of the Eastern Caribbean’s few remaining unspoiled regions. Furthermore, each winter thousands of humpback whales migrate here, to winter in the Bay of Samana, which provides the unusual opportunity to view these titans at unusually close distance. That’s a shore excursion not possible anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Also available in the Samana Peninsula are waterfall treks, zip lining and (according to Conde Nast Traveler) one of the world’s 10 best beaches. (See map of Samana)

The Samana Peninsula, among the few Caribbean areas offering an authentic island experience, remains largely undeveloped, without the same-same of most other island ports.

But why are there so few cruise passengers to enjoy all this? Although the Dominican Republic is the most visited island in the Caribbean, cruise ships from U.S. ports are amazingly sparse. Most are from Germany, visiting several times a month from January until the end of March.

Port Location
The Port of Samana is located on the Samana Peninsula, on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. In terms of size, the Samana Peninsula is larger than many other Caribbean islands. From the town of Sanchez near the start of the peninsula to the road’s end at Las Galeras is about 40 miles in length. The spit of land is about 10 miles wide at its widest point.

The Atlantic Ocean borders the peninsula’s north coast; the Bay of Samana flanks its south shore. The Port of Samana is located at the capital of Samana Province and its largest city, Santa Bárbara de Samana, often called Samana or Samana City.

Some cruise lines prefer to call this stop Cayo Levantado Port after the small island in Samana Bay (a popular day excursion) over Port of Samana. Regardless, your ship ends up at the same anchorage in the Bay of Samana.

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