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Samana Shore Excursions
Samana Cruises Things To Do

This is the complete list of Samana shore excursions offered by the few cruise lines now using Samana as a port of call.

In recent years, some ships have shifted their
Dominican Republic stop from Samana to La Romana.

That may be because the Samana Peninsula (see map of Samana) still is largely a wilderness area and many of the activities call for physical activity. 

Also, Samana City itself, while having some picturesque areas, has a good deal of
poverty in some sections, a sight impossible to avoid and some travelers find depressing.

Of course, one of the best ways to lift an area out of poverty is through tourism.

The types of shore excursions offered by Royal Caribbean, Holland America and NCL vary remarkably, more than for most ports where they all tend to be the same.

Royal Caribbean Samana Shore Excursions

In addition, visit Samana Peninsula Things To Do which contains some activities not necessarily included on shore excursions. Including winter-time humpback whale watching excursions.

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