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You might be surprised by what's not covered. Such as most drinks, including sodas.

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Cruise Price vs Actual Cruise Cost


Caribbean cruising can be a good bargain or it can be vastly overpriced.

Depending on whether you have an inside cabin or a balcony, your costs can vary from as little as US$75 per person per day to several hundred dollars per person per day. (Compare cruise line prices)

Considering your cruise price includes all meals, transportation and entertainment as well as accommodations, it's often difficult to match the rates for these mostly all-inclusive cruise holidays in the Caribbean at comparably equipped land resorts.

The one exception is the all-inclusive resort where everything is paid for ahead of time. And all-inclusive resorts include many, many extra that cruise lines do not

Too often people are lead to believe that a cruise is just another type of all-inclusive vacation.

It's not. Cruise lines seem to actually adding more charges all the time. Such as eating in one of their specialty restaurants, part of an all-inclusive land package.

Many cruise ships charge extra, $20 to $45 per person per night to dine in one of their specialty restaurants, which typically offer the best fine dining. Others (such as Oceania Cruises) do not.

At an all-inclusive land resort, meals usually include drinks, such as wine with meals. Cruises do not include wine with meals and their wine prices can be exorbitant.

Also, some cruise lines do not allow you to bring alcohol aboard for your own private consumption. They will let you purchase in aboard ship but not deliver it until the end of the cruise.

Cruise Costs: What Is Usually Included

Cruise Costs: What Is Not Included

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