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Bermuda Cruise Season
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A Summertime Port of Call

Caribbean cruises are most popular in the winter months but April to October is when most cruise ships call in Bermuda. The weather is just too unappealingof "iffy" the rest of the year.

Most cruises depart from the northeast, especially New York, and take a day to make the transit in each direction.

That leave 4 to 5 days in Bermuda itself, an unusually long time for cruise ships to stay in a single destination. For Bermuda, that's perfect for seeing almost all the island.

Ships usually dock in several ports, typically St. George's at the east end and in the capital city of Hamilton, convenient to the rest of the island by bus and ferry.

This scheduling allows plenty of opportunity to explore the island thoroughly, day and night. You have time to rent a moped and spend a day at one of the pink beaches, then go out in the evening after dark.

And the island regulates the number of vessels docked at the same time. Bermuda has not allowed itself to become a dumping ground for hoards of road-clogging cruise ship passengers the way Grand Cayman has.

Cruise Bargains

Nothing matches the advantages of a cruise when it comes to comparing the costs of a cruise vs a resort vacation.

A cruise provides its own transportation and accommodations and meals are included.

A person on a week-long resort vacation will enjoy an extra day or two on the island but frankly you can see most of Bermuda in 4 or 5 days.

And when you consider a cruise may be one-third of a land vacation . . .

However, when cost is not a factor (and for may it isn't), then a resort vacation is the only way to discover and enjoy the truly genteel manner of this remarkable island.

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