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Bursting with Autos --
But No Rentals

This is an unusual situation, the only island where you can't rent a car. Cars are for residents only, one per household. There are no rental autos.

Limiting the number of cars is essential since the roads are often clogged with them as it is.

Speed is also strictly regulated. Automobiles can travel no faster than 20 mph (35 kph).

These regulations have led to a very healthy taxi trade, and most tourists do use taxis. This situation also makes Bermuda one of the most expensive and most inconvenient islands for touring.

Fortunately, there are several other options.


These are a fraction for what it costs for a day to taxi riding around. But with as many as several thousand tourists moving around the island on mopeds at one time, Bermuda's streets sometimes resemble a race track.

If you feel the slightest bit uneasy about driving one of these, don't. So many visitors are wiped out on their rental bikes each year that the residents arguably were the first to coin the name for the "disease" tourists contract when they go skidding across the pavement: road rash.

All rental companies are supposed to provide instructions. Driving in on the left. But if you're shopping, carrying a large beach bag or something heavy, a moped is not the safest way to travel.

Bicycles are another option. Bikes and mopeds can be rented by the hour, day or week.

Public Bus

Buses cover all the main parts of Bermuda. Look for the pink buses with blue stripes. Exact change is necessary. You may want to purchase tokens or passes valid for several days.

As convenient as the bus system is, it still takes a long time to go from one of Bermuda to the other.

Ferry service

Bermuda is shaped like a fish hook, and ferries are the fastest way to travel in some instances. Especially from Hamilton to the entertainment and shopping center at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Bicycles ride the ferries for free. Mopeds require a fee.

Horse-drawn carriages

Imagine the chaos if these were to take to all the island roads. They don't. Horse-drawn carriages are most easily found in downtown Hamilton near the cruise ship docks. They tour only the city.

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