Bermuda Pink Sand Beaches

Are they for real? Most definitely.

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Bermuda Pink Sand Beaches
Which Can You Use?

Bermuda's pink sand beaches are world famous, but some of the best are privately owned and off limits except to hotel guests and cruise ship passengers with special arrangements.

Unless you can approach the beaches from the water, that is. All beaches are considered public up to the high water mark.

The beaches are used for almost everything --walking, swimming, jogging, horseback riding, snorkeling and just plain sunning Many are bordered by great rock formations that turn them into private coves.

The pink color
comes from where?

Bermuda's pink sands owe their striking color to small, dark red skeletal animals that grow on the coral reefs, among the world's northernmost reefs.

Best pink beaches

Horseshoe Bay in Southampton is considered the most beautiful beach because of the brilliant colors of the water and sand.

Other standouts are West Whale Bay, Church Bay, Jobson's Cove and Warwick Long Bay, to name a few of the best.

You could go to a different spot each morning and still never see all the beaches even during a 2-week stay.

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