Caribbean Rums and Rum Recipes
Rum was born in the Caribbean.
So was the mojito.

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Caribbean Rum Recipes

Think rum is popular only in the Caribbean?

Say "Mojito," the current drink of fashion in the U.S. Finally. A half century ago the mojito was a favorite of writer Ernest Hemingway during his visits to Cuba.

Types of Rum

Rum, like beer and wine, comes in different colors but no one has ever felt the need to produce a diet rum.

The rums produced by different islands have their own distinctive tastes. After several years of tasting, true rum connoisseurs usually select a favorite brand like Bacardi Cuba from Puerto Rico, Mount Gay from Barbados or Appleton or Myer's rums from Jamaica and remain as loyal to it as they do to their favorite athletic team.

For many, rum mixed with Coca-Cola (rum and coke) is their first mixed drink, a reliable choice because of its sweet taste that goes down easily. Sometimes too easily.

It's remarkable how different rum recipes are, too, from island to island, developed to bring out the taste of their particular blend.

The Mojito

The following recipes are listed according to the island where they originated and also the name of the drink alphabetically.

Because of the drink's popularity, Mojito recipes are listed together. Not only for convenience but to show how varied the drinks are according to the brand of rum.

Mojito Recipes

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