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is a tiny island, just 62 square miles, lies 30 miles north of Antigua. Small planes for Antigua are the easiest connections, although boat charters are an option.

Eight-mile long Coca Beach is a spectacular strip of sand that so far has seen little development. It won't stay that way for long. The beach is gorgeous, the water clear.

Barbuda is what Grand Cayman and other over-developed beachfronts must have looked like before the construction cranes arrived.

There is no shade against the hot sun, and the beach seems to stretch on forever. If you're a true beachcomber, get here quickly, before it changes.

Highland House, part of the once massive Codrington plantation, is at the highest point on the island: 124 feet.

The 56-foot high Martello castle and tower, once used to spot ships wrecking on the reefs, is on the south coast.

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