Shirley Heights

Antigua knows how to throw a Sunday party--with a view to die for.

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Shirley Heights - Antigua's Sunday Party Place

Shirley Heights, another restored garrison, has a magnificent panoramic view overlooking English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard.

It's the perfect setting for residents and visitors alike to congregate on Sundays for the liveliest party in Antigua.  

This installation was named after General Sir Thomas Shirley, a former governor. One of the main buildings, known as the Block House, was put up as a stronghold in 1787 in case of a siege.

Shirley Heights commands a strategic and spectacular view of English Harbour with a view of Montserrat and Guadeloupe.

The impressive fortification was built to provide added security to The Dockyard, but on Sunday afternoons it is the site of the island's biggest cookout and steel band concert.

It's not necessary to sample the barbecue to be welcome here; many people come to enjoy the music.

If you are really in the mood for a strenuous walk, park your vehicle at Clarence House and hike to Shirley Heights. Clarence House was built for the Duke of Clarence, the future King William IV who served under Nelson as a captain.

Or climb to Shirley Heights via the Lookout Trail, a nature trail through the forest that originates at English Harbour.

After your climb to the ridge of hills overlooking English Harbour, you'll understand why the fortification was never in much danger of being taken. You can also walk several side roads and area paths.   

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