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Beaches of Antigua

Antigua claims 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, with most located on the calm, Caribbean (leeward) side of the island.  

All of Antigua’s beaches are open to the public—assuming you can find them. Signage is notoriously poor, as if Antiguans are deliberately attempting to keep the best locations a secret.

Following are some of the better beaches .located around the island, though you should take along a map and good directions so they don’t elude you.

Northwest Coast:

This is the most developed section of Antigua. Beaches most convenient to the capital city of St. John's are popular Fort James Beach and Deep Bay. The beach at Galley Bay is a prime surfing area during winter and a favorite of evening joggers.

At Hawksbill are a series of 4 crescent-shaped beaches, including a nudist beach.  Large resorts line the beaches at Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay.

Southwest and South Coast:

Beaches along the rolling southwest section of Antigua are less developed. The winding road on this hilly coast passes Fryes Bay, Darkwood Beach and more sands around Johnsons Point.

On the central southern coast are quiet Rendezvous Bay and especially Doigs Beach, both located at Rendezvous Bay, though the travel to them may be rough. Convenient to Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua’s main attraction is Pigeon Point, near English Harbour Town.

East Coast:

Two good family choices are located on the southeast corner of Antigua. They include Half Moon Bay, a National Park; and Long Bay, whose waters are protected by a reef.

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