The Haystack or Hooiberg

The Haystack
or Hooiberg

One of Aruba's most strenuous hikes

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Hooiberg (Haystack)
Ready To Climb It?

Hooiberg, or "The Haystack," is located almost in the center of Aruba and the 541-foot high (165m) volcanic formation can be seen from virtually anywhere on the island.

Why does it have 2 names? The Dutch word hooiberg, literally translates into haystack in English.

You can climb to the top if you’re willing to scale the 562 concrete steps that lead to the top of the mountain, whose main purpose is to house of several radio antennas and cell sites.  

Walking up the steps--best done in early morning by 8am, you see a lot of vegetation that is mostly yellow poui. Along with the typical cacti found everywhere else on Aruba.

You may even see a real divi-divi tree or, scientifically, the Watapana (Caesalpina coriara), as opposed to some other plants often mistaken for it.

The true divi-divi has inconspicuous but fragrant blossoms and thick curled pods rich in tannin. At one time the pods were exported to Germany for use in the leather industry. You can still use the pods for shining the dust off your shoes.

It's worth the effort to climb to the top of Hooiberg. On a clear day, you not only can see Venezuela but also view yellow orioles and several species of doves.

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