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Aruba After Dark

Aruba days are filled with many opportunities, from diving and windsurfing to shopping and to some of the Caribbean’s best dining. 

After sunset, the nightlife can be just as lively. Aruba’s  after dark options cater to everyone, including gambling, particularly poker. 

Already the Caribbean’s most popular card game and still surging in popularity, poker in Aruba, is particularly hot, with almost a dozen poker rooms at various casinos. You may want to spend some time brushing up on your poker playing skills before testing your poker face.

After playing in one of the casinos, you’ll probably want to release some  energy on the dance floor. Aruba is home to some of the Caribbean’s hippest nightclubs, which feature different genres of music spun by top-notch local DJ ‘s.  You may find yourself unleashing moves best hidden from the general public, but that’s how it goes when you party in Aruba.

You’re apt to be hungry afterwards. No better island than Aruba for satisfying your appetite. Even after midnight, you’ll find a few restaurants, cafes and fast food places open and ready to serve you.

Besides Aruba’s own popular local cuisine, you’ll find plenty of other options—Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian and more. So, whether you want to experience something new or familiar that make you feel at home, you’ll find it in Oranjestad or in one of the nearby popular beach areas.

Unlike some islands, Aruba doesn’t shut down after dark. For many clubs and restaurants, it’s only the day’s beginning.

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