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How Safe Is Aruba?
Crime normally is not a problem

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How Safe is Aruba?
Crime in Aruba

Since the notorious disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, a high school graduate from Alabama, some travelers have been concerned about crime in Aruba.

And asking, just how safe is Aruba?

Aruba is considered one of the safest Caribbean countries and serious crime is rare.

And, as some Arubans have pointed out, most criminal suspects are not from Aruba.

The U.S. State Department, which sometimes has been accused of being overly sensitive in trying to protect Americans, has the following statements about crime in Aruba.

Note that the greatest concern is whether travelers have proper insurance when renting autos or jet skis.

" CRIME: Street crime is low, but there have been incidents of theft from hotel rooms. Armed robbery has been known to occur. Valuables left unattended on beaches, in cars and in hotel lobbies are easy targets for theft.

"Car theft, including that of rental vehicles for joy riding and stripping, can occur. Vehicle leases or rentals may not be fully covered by local insurance when a vehicle is stolen or damaged. Be sure you are sufficiently insured when renting vehicles and jet skis . . .

"An unusually competitive fee to rent jet skis or other water sports equipment could indicate that the dealer is unlicensed or uninsured. Visitors planning to rent jet skis or other water sports equipment should carefully review all liability and insurance forms presented to them before signing any contracts or agreements.

"The renter is often fully responsible for replacement costs and fees associated with any damages that occur during the rental period. Visitors may be required to pay these fees in full before being allowed to leave Aruba, and may be subject to civil or criminal penalties if they cannot or will not make payment."

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