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Bahamas Wedding Planners
Bahamas Wedding Consultants

Many of the Bahamas all-inclusive resorts include their own wedding planners but not everyone wants to stay at such large hotels or are interested in all the free activities.

Instead, they would prefer to hire their own wedding consultant to create their own special wedding experience.

The following wedding planners & consultants are all members of the Bahamas Bridal Association, a group endorsed by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.


Tia, Seyfert

Weddings Eleuthera

Grand Bahama Island

Albury, Janet

And The Two Became One

Cheong Silvera, Lizabeth
d The Two Became One

Harris, Liselle
La Femme Events

Nassau/Paradise Island/
New Providence

Adderley, Karen
Professional Bahamas Weddings

Appleyard, Natalie
Wildflowers Creative Design Solutions

Bannister, Victorine and Halkitis-LaRocca, Georgina   
Bahama Fantasies

Bastian, Denise; Young, Shenika
Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino

Dawkins-Hanna, Macie
Calypso Weddings

Fox, Anna
Anna's Wedding Planning Service

Glinton, Monique
Bahamas Dream Weddings

Newton-Colebook, Phyllice and Sutherland, Sandra
Personal Touch Design Weddings

Sands Johnson, PJ
Event Designer & Wedding Planner

Williams, Anne Marie
Weddings in The Bahamas

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