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Gold Rock Beach

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Lucayan National Park
Gold Rock Beach

Lucayan National Park and Gold Rock Beach, located 20 miles from Freeport, are definitely worth the trip. The highway is open and well paved with little traffic most of the time.

The focal point for many of the outings is the Lucayan National Park, a 40-acre blend of various ecosystems and limestone caves used for burial by the native Lucayan Indians.

The tidal creek thickly populated with mangroves can be explored on a kayak tour or by the rickety wooden boardwalk that leads to Gold Rock Beach, a spectacular strand that is rarely visited because of its location, 26 miles from Freeport.

The gorgeous beach, which stretches for miles in both directions without a hint of development, is perfect for a day's outing. The $3 admission tickets for the park must be purchased either in Freeport at the Rand Nature Center or at Smitty's One Stop, another 4.3 miles beyond the park. Open from daylight to sunset. For more information: (242) 352-5438.

The Lucayan National Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. You may be fortunate enough to find a ranger on site to take your admission fee. Otherwise, the $3 tickets are available at the Rand Nature Centre in Freeport or Smitty's One-Stop on the Grand Bahama Hwy. located 4 miles east of the park.

For information about kayak tours of the park, call Kayak Nature Tours, (242) 373-2485.

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