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They're scattered all along the coast.

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Barbados Dive Operators

Coral Isle Divers, Cavans Lane, Bridgetown; 800/513-5840, 246/434-8377; fax 246/431-9068.

The Dive Shop, Pebbles Beach , St. Michaels; 800/693-3483, 246/426-9947; fax 246/426-2031.

Dive Shop Ltd., Aquatic Gap, Hastings ; 246/426-9977. Web site: www.diveshop@barbados2000.com .

Hazells Water World Inc., Sand Bank Complex; 246/426-4043. Web site: www.hazelwater@barbados2000.com .

Exploresub Barbados, St. Lawrence Gap; 246/435-6542; fax 246/435-8214. Web site: www.skyviews.com/x-sub .

Hightide Watersports, Coral Reef Club, St. James; 800/5132-5763, 246/432-0931; fax 246/432-0931. Web site: www.divehightide.com .

One on One Scuba, Husbands Heights , St. James; 246/438-0691. Web site: www.one-on-one-scuba.com .

Scuba Barbados, St. Lawrence Gap; 246/435-6565. Web site: wwww. scuba@barbados2000.com .

Willie's Watersports Ltd., St. Michaels; 246/414-0148. Web site: www.watersports@barbados2000.com .

Underwater Barbados, Bay Street, St. Michael; 246/426-0655; fax 246/426-0655. Web site: www.underwaterbarbados.com .

Young Diving Ltd., Hastings; 246/424-1655. Web site: www.youngdiving@barbados2000.com .

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