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The offerings may be high brow,

but they're never stuffy

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Attending Holders Season

Open-air opera and musical theater is the highlight of every Holders Season, held each March/April. Founded only in 1993, the Holders Season has established itself as the Caribbean's premier cultural event because of its high artistic standards.

Among those who have appeared in the past are opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti and English soprano Lesley Garrett.

Performances are presented in the large garden at Holders House, St. James. This 300-year old stately house, a combination of British and Barbadian influences, offers a perfect auditorium thanks to the series of terraces that provide an excellent line-of-sight view. The traditional Barbadian Plantation House setting includes 5 acres of formal and park gardens. 

On some of the more relaxed musical theater nights everyone brings their own picnic dinner.  The offerings may be high-brow, but Holders Season is hardly a stuffy event.

Instead, it's a relaxed outing where the dress code can best be described as smart casual: slacks and dresses, collared shirts, no jeans or shorts.
Holders Season schedule is detailed here.

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