Sam Lord's Castle

Another pirate turns into
a rich gentleman.

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Location: Just northeast of Crane Bay .

Sam Lord's Castle is the administrative building for the huge Marriott resort of the same name, but the grounds and former residence are open to the public.

Sam Lord was a Bajan planter, reputedly the local version of Blackbeard the pirate, though of a more refined nature.

Instead of stalking and attacking merchant ships at sea, Sam Lord lured them onto the reefs near his home. He supposedly built his Castle in 1820 from the spoils taken off the wrecks.

The castle looks more like a theme park exhibit than a real home, but take a look at the furniture/paintings, plaster ceilings/beautiful mahogany columns inside.

You definitely will be convinced of Sam Lord's wealth, then.

The windy beach with its big stands of coconut palms is also worth a look, a long walk and a swim.

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