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Bermuda's Top 5 Pink Sand Beaches

This top 5 list of Bermuda beaches is not mine but comes from the Bermuda Department of Tourism. These experts on Bermuda should know!

Based on the top 5 list, it is obvious the best beaches are on the South Shore. Check for beach hotels located in the area.

Horseshoe Bay Beach
Southampton Parish
Off South Road

The most famous Bermuda beach (and deservedly so) Horseshoe Bay Beach is appropriately named with its long crescent of pink sand. It's popularity means it also has good facilities with the nearby Beach House offering snacks, rentals and changing facilities.

Jobson's Cove
Warwick Parish
Off South Road

Jobson's Cove is a small sheltered cove surrounded by steep rocks, considered one of Bermuda's most picturesque beaches. The stone formations protect the beach's shallow, clear waters to make this one of the most child-friendly beaches.

Tobacco Bay Beach
St. George's Parish
Coot Pond Road

The most popular beach in St. George's parish has equipment rentals and a snack bar. Paler than most pink beaches, Tobacco Bay Beach gained its name when survivors of the Sea Venture wreck found tobacco growing in this location. The offshore limestone formations attract parrotfish and sergeant majors.

Warwick Long Bay
Warwick Parish
Off South Road

At 0.5 miles (.8km) Warwick Long Bay has the longest shoreline of any beach. With scrubland and coastal grasses behind it, the beach also has public restrooms. One of its most distinctive features is the offshore jagged coral island just above the water.

West Whale Bay Beach
Southampton Parish
Off Whale Bay Road

Strange name but for a good reason. At the beach in April you could see humpback whales migrating north to their summer feeding grounds. The large grassy area behind the beach is popular for photographing and enjoying -spectacular ocean sunsets. West Whale Bay is also popular with locals for surf or shore fishing.

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