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St. George Game Fishing and Cruise Association
P.O. Box GE 107
St. George's GE BX
Phone: 441-297-8093
Fax: 441-297-1455

40-foot Down East Sportsfisherman
Captain: Willard "Joe" Kelly
Phone: 441-334-8953

38-foot Custom Sportsfisherman
Captain: David Barnes
Phone: 441-297-3635 or 335-1779
E-mail: shakedowncharters@northrock.bm
Web: www.shakedowncharters.com

Independent Charter Captains

Albatross 5
35-foot' Henriques
Captain: Peter Olander
Ph/Fax: 441-297-0715 or 334-9478 (cell)
E-mail: albatross@ibl.bm

40-foot Game Fisherman
Captain: Alan Card
Phone: 441-234-0872 or 337-2109 (cell)
Fax: 441-234-0604
E-mail: ajcard02693@northrock.bm

57-foot Sonny Briggs Custom Carolina Sportsfisherman
Captain: Allen DeSilva
Phone:  441-295-0835 (office) or 505-8626 (boat)
Fax: 441-295-3620
E-mail: mako@ibl.bm
Web: www.fishbermuda.com/

Ellen B
32-foot Nova Scotia Style
Captain: Michael Baxter
Phone:441-234-2963 or 334-9722 (cell)
Fax: 441-234-5958
E-mail: baxtersreef@northrock.bm

31-foot J.C.
Captain: Reggie Horseman
Phone: 441-296-9158 or 235-4218 (boat) or 537-3474 (cell)
Fax: 441-296-6015
E-mail: rshorseman@northrock.bm

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