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Although it certainly is possible to fish from shore, the only way to get out where the big fish roam is by charter boat.

Charter Boat Costs, What's Included

Note that charter prices, while costly, are for chartering the entire boat, which typically  can accommodate from 4-6 anglers. Divide the charter price among two or three people, the rates are comparable (if not cheaper) than most full-day Bermuda excursions.

Depending on fuel cost, rates run about $600 per boat for a half-day (4 hours), and $850 per full day (8 hours). Obviously the full day rate is a much better deal  It’s only slightly more than the half-day fee because the boat is already on site and doesn’t need to use the fuel needed for a return to dock followed by coming back out again.
Rates also fluctuate from season to season.  Contact the charter captain to find out what the rates will be during your visit.

All fishing charters are skippered by licensed captains. Their boats are equipped with fighting chairs and outriggers, world-class tackle, radio communication, life saving gear and toilet facilities.

Tackle and bait both are provided in the charter price.  You bring your own lunch and drinks. It’s always a good idea to bring enough for the captain and his mate.

Once reaching the fishing grounds, the captain or first mate will bait and cast out the lines. If trolling, anglers usually fish only one at time, taking the fighting chair in rotating order.

When a fish strikes, the angler in the fishing chair is handed the rod and told how to fight and tire the fish so it can be brought to the boat. Once the fish is gapped and it’s flailing and flopping on board, mayhem breaks out as the crew tries to subdue  it quickly   and place it in one of the large freezer chests.

Anyone lucky enough to land a large bill fish may want a mount made of it. You need to find out your boat’s protocol about this ahead of time. The captain may let you keep it and suggest who can make the mount. Or he may want to keep the prize for himself. This is an important rule to have clarified ahead of time.

However, you don’t need to gaff and bring the fish aboard to make a mount of it. Since little or none of your catch ends up in the mount, killing it for trophy purposes is a tragic waste of a good fish.

Hopefully, your captain believes in catch and release and knows how properly to measure a fish so a plastic duplicate can be formed of it.

Charter bookings can be arranged through Bermuda’s different game fishing associations or directly with the captains.

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