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Bermuda Land Recreation -
Parks and Trails

Bermuda Railway
This 21-mile trail provides a scenic route going east to west. This rail-to-trail is popular with walkers, joggers and birders.

Somerset Long Bay Area (SLB)
Road, Sandys
Three protected lots make up this 10-acre area; the SLB West Nature Reserve, SLB National Park and SLB East Nature Reserve.

The eastern reserve is a closed bird sanctuary; the center park is a good beach and picnic area; and the western reserve open to the public is also a birding area with a bird hide and interpretative signs.

Springfield & Gilbert Nature Reserve
Road, Sandys
Just off the main road in Somerset Village, this 5-acre woodland is good for bird watching. It has walking paths and leads to the Railway Trail. Adjacent to the reserve is Springfield, a plantation-style Bermudian architecture begun in the 1740s.

Heydon Trust
Ely’s Harbour, Sandys
This 22-acre tract contains walking trails, picnic area and a chapel dating from 1616. Excellent views of the Great Sound.

Hog Bay Park
Middle Road, Sandys
The 38-acre park has maintained hiking trails, farming plots and wooded hillsides growing native and endemic vegetation. At low tide you'll also find a quiet, secluded cove .

Warwick Pond
Middle Road, Warwick
This 9-acre nature reserve is the second largest freshwater pond in Bermuda. An important sanctuary for resident and migratory waterfowl, the reserve's eastern hillside forms part of the woodland belt bordering the length of the Warwick Railway Trail. The walking trail, with interpretative signage, also includes the neighboring Powell Estate.

Paget Marsh
South Road, Paget
This lush and leafy nature reserve, jointly administered by the Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Audubon Society, is a unique green space of 25 acres of original Bermuda. The peat marsh is covered with a cedar and palmetto forest. The area is virtually the same as the time when the first settlers landed.

The area is accessible by a wooden board walk with interpretive signage. The pond and marsh are home to many species of resident and migratory bird species.

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