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Bermuda Railway Trail -
Reserved for Walking & Biking

The Bermuda Railway Trail, a favorite for walkers/hikers and cyclists, follows part of the rail system that when completed in 1932 provided the island’s only public transport.  But it didn’t cover everywhere residents needed to go so in 1946 Bermuda started its public bus service to reach more of the island.

Then, in 1948, residents were allowed to own automobiles, 9 years after the American and British military started using them (1939.)

In the 1980s, the Bermuda government converted the unpaved, uneven Railway Trail into a public walking and biking trail.  It is divided into 7 sections and runs almost the length of the island. Some sections, such as the City of Hamilton, Pembroke and parts of the Devonshire sections, no longer exist.

Although the Railway Trail does not go through any villages or towns, you can see many spectacular ocean views in sections as well as surprisingly rural scenes that include farms and fields.
Being reserved strictly for foot power, motorized and electric vehicles are illegal. Visitors are encouraged to report to the police the license tag of any scooter they see.

If you rent a bicycle, you will need to return it to where you started since rental companies do not send vans to collect them (or you). So you’ll be cycling the same sections twice. Also, there are no places anywhere designated for bicycles to be locked and left.

Walkers/hikers can arrange for pickups for their return but are unlikely to see the entire trail since each of the 7 sections takes an average of 1.5 to 3 hours to walk. You could actually make this an overnight trek if you reserved at a B&B or hotel convenient to the Railway Trail.

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