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Local Bermuda Arts and Crafts

The most famous Bermudiana souvenirs are handcrafted gold trinkets, gifts made from local cedar wood and of course the world-famous Bermuda shorts.

However, those are only the most obvious and hardly represent the variety available, as the descriptions of the following artists demonstrate.

Artists Selling Bermudiana

At The Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard
Museum Row
Phone: 441-234-2441

Located in one of the stone buildings of the former British naval dockyard, walls Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard contain paintings, photographs and glass display cases with crafted quilts, costume dolls, jewelry and wood sculptures.

Bermuda Craft Market
The Cooperage
Phone: 441 234 3208

The large stone building dating from 1831 contains a variety of Bermuda-made handicrafts.

Kathleen Kemsley Bell

Bermuda Arts Centre
Royal Naval Dockyard

Phone: 441 236 3366
Dolls of people from different periods of  Bermuda history researched for historical accuracy.  These are more collector’s items than kids’ toys.

In The City of Hamilton

17 Front Street
Pembroke Parish

Phone: 441-292- 4742 or 441-295-1003
One-of-a-kind jewelry designs using quality gems with platinum or gold in colors ranging from white to purple. 

Ronnie Chameau
Pembroke Parish
Phone 441-234-3208 days, 292-1387 evenings

Items sold in City of Hamilton at Trimingham's, 37 Front Street
Using dried palm, banana and grapefruit leaves gathered from her yard and other places around Bermuda Ronnie Chameau creates remarkable Christmas angels and dolls. Another specialty is her wooden hand-painted Bermuda cottages designed for use as doorstops.

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