Best Caribbean Beaches - Part 2
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Jamaica - Best Beaches

Jamaica's most famous and best beach is at Negril, a thin narrow strip in the island's calm, protected lee that extends for almost seven miles.  It's a pretty beach and certainly Jamaica's best, even if it is fairly narrow. In Montego Bay, Cornwall Beach and Doctor's Cave see the most action, while at Ocho Rios it's Turtle Beach and Mallard's Beach. At Port Antonio, Navy Island (actor Errol Flynn's old haunt) is an interesting stop. East of town is the magnificent Blue Hole, while Boston Bay 's big waves are popular with surfers.

U.S. Virgin Islands - Best Beaches

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, Magen's Bay on St. Thomas has been called one of the world's 10 best beaches by National Geographic. But that's an old description that Magen's probably doesn't deserve. It's a fine beach but the ones on St. John seem better.

Elsewhere on St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach is fine for snorkeling and the water is so calm at Coki Bay that many first-time divers take their first underwater plunge there.

On St. Croix, largest of the Virgins, the most famous beach is just offshore at Buck Island, a national park famed for its underwater trail. Cane Bay and Davis Bay both have good beaches and have interesting snorkeling. However, Frederiksted's long and wide Sandy Point beach deserves more attention and respect.


But of all the U.S. Virgins, St. John may be best blessed with quality beaches. Trunk Bay, with wonderful piles of sand backed by beautiful palms, may even be better than Magen's Bay. Cinnamon, Maho and Francis Bays are also worth exploring. Salt Pond and Lameshur Bays are off the beaten track and the places to go to get away from everyone.

British Virgin Islands - Best Beaches

In the British Virgins, there are about 50 different islands and cays, all with their own worthwhile sandy strips. On Tortola, the most developed island, Cane Garden Bay offers a superb view of neighboring Jost Van Dyke. Other Bays, such as Long, Belmont and Smuggler's Cove, are more deserted. (More on Tortola beaches)

Those who decide to visit Jost Van Dyke instead of just look at it will find two superb beaches at Great Harbour and White Bay; Sandy Cay at the east end has good snorkeling.


Virgin Gorda is world-famous for its boulder-strewn beach called The Baths, a rock pile that can be explored from both the inside and out. The Baths is a popular beach that 's often crowded on weekends with sailboats anchored offshore. Don't let that keep you away. You may be able to take the ferry from Tortola to Peter Island, a private island with another superb, palm-lined strand.

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