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You could see both native and South American species

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Trinidad's Asa Wright Nature Centre:
Probably the Caribbean best one-stop birding location.

Aruba's Bubali Pond: An observation tower and wetlands within sight of beach hotels.

Aruba's Spanish Lagoon: Parakeets nest in the cliff.

Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanctuary: A remote nesting place not many people see.

Caribbean Bird Checklist: From Avibase, an incredible resource on all things birding.

Checklist for the Greater Antilles: Includes Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico

Checklist for the Lesser Antilles: Including the Leeward and Windward Islands but not the Netherlands Antilles or Trinidad and Tobago

Southeastern Caribbean Bird Alert: Monthly updates provided by the Trinidad & Tobago Naturalists' Club about current birding on their two islands.

Bird Pictures from the Dominican Republic: From a local photographer who specializes in bird photography.

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