Caribbean's Best Shopping - Part 2
Hand-made items made on the islands are the best souvenirs.

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Point Seraphine in St. Lucia and the Seaport Village in Aruba are two more well developed shopping complexes, conveniently located at the gangways of cruise ships but open to all visitors.

Pointe Seraphine has more than 20 attractive shops situated around a well landscaped, Spanish-style courtyard selling liquor, electronic equipment, fine china and crystal.

St. Kitts has a waterfront complex of two-dozen stores on the waterfront in downtown Basseterre. They're aimed at the cruise ships docking at the ever-expanding Port Zante but everyone is welcome.

The dual countries of St. Martin/St. Maarten are two more well-known duty-free ports, but it may be necessary to approach them with more caution than elsewhere. Some tourists have complained about being charged taxes (there aren't any--that's why it's called duty free) and about having items switched on them when their merchandise is wrapped.

Discussing these problems may be difficult because some shop employees are non-English speaking Asians. On St. Martin/St. Maarten, let the buyer beware.

However, the duty-free shops only sell the same kinds of items that can be found back home. Enriching a Caribbean shopping experience even more are the distinctive hand-made items that can be found in almost every country.

Fine and unique textile crafts exist in many places. Montserrat is particularly known for its Sea Island Cotton, made right on the island. Hand-woven clothing and table linens are available in some Plymouth shops.

In Dominica, the Agape, a woman's craft cooperative, makes colorful bed quilts and matching wall hangings.

The making of Saba lace, or "Spanish work" as it is known locally, has been an industry on the tiny island of Saba for a hundred years. Blouses, tablecloths and napkins are among the pieces that Saban women create in a variety of colors.

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