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For their flexibility, condos and villas are extremely popular

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For family vacations, sometimes the best approach is purchasing a special package directly from the hotel, purchasing an airline vacation package or tracking down the best price via a website like Kayak.

Hotels often offer special packages based on activities or special occasions: golf and scuba packages, wedding and honeymoon packages, Carnival packages are some of the most common.

Read all the fine print carefully. Are the rates per person or per room? Are airport transfers included? A rental car? Are there special conditions, such as a 7-day stay or the requirement of staying certain days of the week, such as from Saturday to Saturday.

Don't rely only on printed matter in making your decision. Call the hotel and talk to the front desk about any specials. They have the most current information.

Condos and Villas

These are increasingly popular with large families since they can be a good bargain?as long as someone is willing to do the cooking. Meals are one of the largest vacation expenses and a condo or villa reduces them substantially.

Having your own kitchen eliminates the problem of picky eaters since they will have precisely what they want (assuming it's available on the island). You can eat whenever you want, having breakfasts at noon if you like, which would not be possible in most restaurants.

Condos and villas also eliminate the need for dressing up whenever you dine, having to be around a bunch of strangers and conforming to established hours.

Furthermore, many condos and villas offer CD or DVD players, not available in most hotel rooms. Sometimes, even a smart phone charger

Luxury villas often provide the option of a cook, maid service and sometimes even a car and/or driver.

Condos and villas offer more freedom and flexibility than hotel rooms, which is why they have become so popular in places like Grand Cayman.

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