Bonaire Pier Diving to Continue
Terrorism changes the world in unexpected ways,
even for Caribbean divers.

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Diving Bonaire
The Old Town Pier

The orange cup corals, colorful sponges, cleaner stations and other critters that make Bonaire's Town Pier (North Pier) one of the world's best dive sites are still available to divers in spite of the new International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code that impacts ports and piers worldwide. 

The ISPS Code was developed by the International Maritime Organization, at the request of the United Nations because of international terrorism. 

Security precautions at the Town Pier, however, will end (probably forever) the good old days of dive freedom here, of just showing up after dark and going for a dive on your own.

Under the new restrictions, Bonaire divemasters must register for permission to lead guided dives beneath the pier. Identification of divers must accompany requests to dive, and approval to dive the site must be received in advance. 

Security officers will check dive groups into the water.  When a ship is at the pier, or when port security is heightened, diving will be prohibited.

Not the best of all possible worlds, and not like just a few years ago, but the situation represents present day reality.

Cheers to Bonaire officials for recognizing the importance of the Town Pier as a priceless dive asset.

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