Copper Mine Point
Virgin Gorda

A copper mine is not something you expect to find in the BVIs.

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Copper Mine
Historical Site

Location: About 2 miles from the Yacht Harbour are the stone ruins of a copper mining operation, first worked by the Carib Indians. They mined extracted copper for trade: copper was alloyed with gold to make the gold more durable.

The Spanish came by way of Puerto Rico after 1528 to mine for gold here, but found only copper. The mine was unused until the 1850s, when tin miners from Cornwall, England, worked the mine.

A 160-foot-deep shaft runs under the ruins, which are fenced to keep visitors a safe distance away. It's still possible to get a good look at the block building and stone smokestack.

Below the copper mine, the Atlantic waves make a powerful display as they crash onto the point, surge high, then wash back down the gray-colored promontory.

You can climb down the hill for a closer look, or simply take telephoto pictures from the top. But if you want to feel the raw power of the Atlantic, make the descent.

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