Devil's Bay & Little Fort
National Parks
Virgin Gorda

Two small, very different parks.

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Devil's Bay National Park

 Length: 600 yards from the road. Time: 15 minutes, one-way. Difficulty: 1. Trailhead: The trail is to the left of the pathway leading to The Baths.

It might be a good idea to walk this one first, so you can get a cold drink later at The Baths' oceanside restaurant/bar.

This open, ever-descending trail leads to a secluded coral sand beach that sees far fewer people than its more famous neighbor, The Baths. The topography is also remarkably different.

The open trail passes some of the same granite boulders, then goes through an enormous cactus garden. Organpipe cactus grow to 22 feet. Barrel cactus with flowering red tops, and jumping cactus (so-called because the ground stems break off into segments carried off by people and animals) are everywhere.

Ground doves, crested hummingbirds and sparrow hawks (locally called killi-killi) may also be seen, along with small harmless ground snakes, geckos, and lizards.

Little Fort National Park

    Time: 20 minutes. Difficulty: 1. Trailhead: This 36-acre area is a half-mile from the Yacht Harbor.

Mentioned on all the maps, the old trails are mostly overgrown. If you proceed carefully over the boulders, you should find the remains of an old fort. Not really worth it, compared to other sites, but since all the maps mention it, so should we.

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