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Emancipation Festival Grand Parade

Since many people party all night on Sunday, the Emancipation Festival's grand parade on Monday never starts on time, which is advertised as between 11 a.m. and noon.

Although costumed youngsters start showing up around 12, adults aren't ready to go until around 2 or 3.


The parade forms near the Prospect Reef Resort and lasts between 2 and 3 hours. The procession winds at tortoise velocity along the waterfront to Pusser's Pub and slightly beyond.

Thanks to the snail's pace, anyone with a camera is welcome to weave in and out of the parade. The best photography is at the beginning of the route because the sun is usually low and blocked by buildings when the end of the parade finally reaches Pusser's.

Mocko Jumby Dancers

Decibel-wise, the celebration is fairly quiet compared to many parades. Steel bands on floats do occasionally pass by but the BVI's own traditional form of music known as fungi isn't as ear splitting and can be almost drowned out by talking bystanders.

Following Road Town's grand parade, events shift to other parts of Tortola for 2 more days, ending with another early morning tramp/day parade at East End/Long Bay on Wednesday.

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